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Hi friends! My music is a blend of folk, rock, jam, improvization, activism, who knows what else, and with a cherry on top. It’s basically a reflection of who I am. I believe music is one of the most powerful forms of energy in the Universe. Just a few seconds of a song can change your mood completely, bring you back to a memory, and help heal, inspire, motivate you.

Here’s a new original song. You’re welcome to right-click and download it.
If I Could Tell You [mp3 or youtube video]

I am in the band The FOG. We play around in the Burlington area. Below you can find recordings and videos of some of our music. The FOG consists of Gary Beckwith (vocals and guitar), Paul Butler (bass), Forrest Beckwith (guitar), Dave Conner (percussion and vocals), and Bob Greenlese (Drums). Sometimes some friends join us on stage such as Liz Pattison and Amy Beckwith. We have a free CD if you want a copy let me know.

I’m also in the studio recording some new original songs. My most recent release is called Beautiful Person. You can check it out below.  If you like my music please pass it on!  Any mp3 file here, you can right-click and download for free and put it on your player or share with your friends.  You can also sign up for my newsletter and “Like” my Facebook page. Thanks for listening!

We’re often posting live recordings of recent shows (and sometimes some practice sessions) on Facebook.

There’s a facebook page for The Fog:

and a facebook page for my solo

Below are a few select links original songs

If I Could Tell You
Original song, released 8/16
video | mp3
Beautiful Person
Original song, studio version
video | mp3
Listen to the Rain
Original song, studio version
video | mp3
The Rocking Chair
A love song I wrote a long time ago for the one I love.
mp3 | lyrics
Original song, recorded live at the Radio Bean, 3/10/2013
Catch the Wind by Donovan

My new toy… I got a ukulele for Christmannukah. This is one of my first attempts at playing a song. Recorded 1/15/2013

mp3 | video
Bolton Sunset (original)

I took some photos last year at the top of Bolton Mountain, as the sun was setting. I was putting together a slideshow and thought it would be nice to add a little music. Rather than spending weeks or month on a song like usual, I let this one go on the first take. Just having fun, and whatever happens. The chord progression had been brewing in my head for a few months and it didn’t have a name or a place. It seemed to fit with the photos so I named it “Bolton Sunset.”

mp3 | video
Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan

Performed live on the Vermont State House lawn

Sam’s Song (original) mp3 | lyrics
Shalom Rav

Hebrew song for peace

mp3 | video
Song in Haiti

I was in a remote village in Haiti to install solar panels on a school and one night we played some music on the porch and someone was recording it. Lots of fun!



3 thoughts on “My Music

  1. Ed Berg

    Nice ukulele rendition of Catch the Wind. Gary, what’s the tuning on your ukulele? I’m never sure how to tune my son’s ukulele. We both got new toys for the holiday. You the ukulele and me a Martin M-38.

    1. Gary

      Hi and thanks Ed! My uke came with a tiny booklet that had the tunings and basic chords. It is basically tuned like a guitar, but it’s in a different key. It’s just like you put a capo on the fifth fret of the guitar. So if you play what you think of as a “D” chord, you’re actually playing it 5 frets up, so you’re really playing G. It’s confusing at first but after a while I got used to it a bit. I kind of just pretend I’m playing a guitar with a capo. The only other difference is, on the standard ukes, the 4th string (the top string, furthest from the floor, which usually has the lowest pitch) is tuned an octave higher. It’s still a C note and it doesn’t change anything about chord fingering. but it does change the sound and what you expect to hear when you play that string. just takes a little getting used to and then it’s kind of fun.

  2. Christopher Burke

    There’s a psychedelic ghost in ‘Listen to the Rain’, it’s the vibe of a track that would be played to an audience waiting for the Bonzo Dog Band to come on stage (or any of the Canterbury groups from way back then, when Canterbury psychedelia ruled the alternate world.) I personally would LOVE to hear a remix with even more of that whimsical synth going on in the background. OK, it’s a tad bontempi but strangely that’s why it works for me, it’s totally of that period. If you look around, you’ll find a Korg M1 Emulator to download – I use mine all the time – which has a bunch of great sounds to use and there’s the Proteus VX legit. freebie which is CRAMMED with sounds from that era – checkout the basses, they’re to die for, some of them. You can only have one instance of it going at a time – 2 will learn about eachother, they’ll chuck their toys outta the pram together and it’s comp. restart time. But it’s got loads of bus lines and tracks going for it (I’m just a learner so I don’t know how to use them yet but I will, I will…) And your voice reminds me strongly of the lead singer of the band Electric Light Orchestra, dunno his name offhand, sorry. But I thought the track was a little psychedelic gem. Loved to have heard more of that synth, though.

    Thanks for it!

    Yours respectfully, Chris.

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