My visit to Duchity, Haiti
to install solar panels on the DOVVE School

In June 2012, I went to Haiti to help with the construction of a vocational school in a rural village called Duchity. I wanted to support this project because it addresses a real problem in Haiti: Too many people have to leave their nice quiet villages and move to Port-au-Prince to find jobs and school. The city is already overpopulated and has many problems with sanitation and other poor living conditions. If people could stay in their villages and find schools and jobs there it would be good for everyone. The DOVVE school is doing just that. When it's finished, it will be a place where people can learn real job skills such as auto mechanics, welding, computer skills, and more. Vermont Haiti Project is facilitating the construction of the school.

There is no utility power in Duchity. The school needs power so students can use computers, have lighting, and charge their phones (believe it or not, many people in Haiti have cell phones; they just don't have a place to charge them up).

Of course I took a lot of photos while I was in Haiti. I wanted to document not only the work I did in Duchity but also what it's like in Port-au-Prince. I think if more people knew the conditions there, particularly in the city, perhaps more would be done to help. Below are links to photos and videos I took.

PHOTOS and VIDEOS from the trip