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Better than Soda Stream: How to carbonate your own beverages

This plan is much cheaper than Soda Stream, and you don’t have to buy their tiny cartridges. Also this system will put more CO2 into your drinks.

Items you need, all available on Amazon:

Hose and ball valve:
Carbonator Cap:

A video showing how to do it:

Notes about this video: 1) don’t turn it upside down like in the video. You’ll get liquid in your hose. 2) you don’t have to let it sit for 30 minutes like he says. Just shake it up for 30 seconds and you’re done.

Another video:

There are many other videos on Youtube that show the same basic thing. You get the idea.

A few notes:

1) Use COLD water. The colder the better. It absorbs CO2 better.

2) Make sure you are getting *food grade* CO2 from your supplier. For refilling your tank, call around with the yellow pages. I pay about $13 to fill my 5 lb tank. That’s about the price of just 3 twelve-packs of seltzer. I figured I can carbonate about 800 drinks for the that same $13 !!

3) You can carbonate water and drink it like that, or you can mix in flavors, juice, etc. afterwards. If you carbonate juice directly, it will come out much different (stronger) than adding juice to carbonated water – it’s reallly good. You can buy soda flavorings from the store (you can even use the Soda Stream flavorings) but you definitely don’t have to. Make up your own flavorings. Try putting in a little maple syrup…. Any kind of juice is worth trying.  You can experiment with different strengths (juice to water ratio). You can try different flavorings and make your own cola, rootbeer, spritzers, …. you can even carbonate wine into champagne! the possibilities are endless.

4) Once you have carbonated the 1 or 2 liter bottle, you can simply remove the carbonator cap and put a regular cap back on it, and put it in the fridge.  If you don’t like plastic, you can pour from the 1 or 2 liter bottle into glass bottles with a funnel and put caps on them. I use Corona beer bottles because they’re clear and you can tell what’s in there. You can buy caps for about a penny each, and a capping tool for about $15. But if you don’t mind storing in plastic, that’s the easiest.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. I can tell you, it works, it’s fun, and it’s easy!  I’m going to go make a batch right now….